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Dummy Review Member7in progress
Epidemiology of Potentially Inappropriate Medications: Southern vs Central-Northern European Countries: a Systematic Review.Systematic ReviewPietro Nunnariin progress
(Last update: 2018-08-28)
Test_2018Systematic ReviewChristian Kohlin progress
(Last update: 2018-08-06)
Test SKSystematic ReviewSabine Kunrathin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-19)
Test duplicate_2 Christian Kohlin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-21)
The role of the literature review in the PhD dissertationEvidence MapGina Bayin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-29)
Nicotiana Tabacum and reduced nicotine content Dominik Modrzejewskiin progress
(Last update: 2018-05-28)
testSystematic ReviewMelissa Kahiliin progress
(Last update: 2018-05-15)
Technology needsSystematic ReviewJulian Hirtin progress
(Last update: 2018-05-13)
TestSystematic ReviewM Kin progress
(Last update: 2018-05-17)
Can ecosystem-based management decrease the impact of vector-borne and zoonotic infectious diseases on human health? A systematic review protocol (LYME)Systematic ReviewLudivine AMDOUNI-BOURSIERin progress
(Last update: 2018-05-17)
Testing for the task forceSystematic ReviewWing Fuin progress
(Last update: 2018-05-20)
Evaluation of optimization approaches applied to e-flow managementSystematic ReviewDiana Derepaskoin progress
(Last update: 2018-05-29)
Test 20Systematic ReviewNina Pin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-13)
Neuer TestSystematic ReviewNina Pin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-13)
Post-stroke Fatigue & Aphasia - TestSystematic ReviewEmily Hartin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-18)
UIC Sara Nevesin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-01)
test 2018_06_04Systematic ReviewStefan Ungerin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-14)
GamingEvidence MapSam Rannardin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-05)
Test CRSL team Nikki Mayin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-12)
Test CRSL teamSystematic ReviewNikki Mayin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-12)
Bti test reviewSystematic ReviewMagnus Landin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-14)
Selection processSystematic ReviewSabine Kunrathin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-19)
What are the peri-urbanisation impacts in the landscape character of Cavite?Evidence MapCathe Desiree Nadalin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-23)
Test of SR Tools Systematic ReviewStevie van der Mierdenin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-28)
Test SR ToolsSystematic ReviewStevie van der Mierdenin progress
(Last update: 2018-09-14)
p´übersetzen Maren Fischerin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-19)
MSc thesis  Alexandra Jagerin progress
(Last update: 2018-07-08)
testando e comparando com StART-2018Systematic Reviewyanko costain progress
(Last update: 2018-07-16)
testSystematic ReviewEliane Rohnerin progress
(Last update: 2018-07-25)
bioretention review testEvidence MapSylvie Spraakmanin progress
(Last update: 2018-07-19)
Prova Systematic ReviewEmanuele Giustiin progress
(Last update: 2018-07-26)
Treatment and prevention of ankle sprain injurySystematic ReviewCailbhe Dohertyin progress
(Last update: 2018-08-03)
RIS_download_testSystematic ReviewStefan Ungerin progress
(Last update: 2018-08-06)
Review  Kersten Brandesin progress
(Last update: 2018-08-09)
dokimi Stergios Tsiormpatzisin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-22)
Suicide Prevention TestSystematic ReviewJohanna Andersonin progress
(Last update: 2018-08-23)
Arcelik Systematic ReviewAnas Abou Allabanin progress
(Last update: 2018-08-28)
Test Anal SCCSystematic ReviewTyler Chesneyin progress
(Last update: 2018-08-30)
TaxonomyEvidence MapLuis Machadoin progress
(Last update: 2018-08-30)
asdsadasSystematic ReviewClb Bustosin progress
(Last update: 2018-09-26)
Test Seneca Fitchin progress
(Last update: 2018-09-11)
test  Mathew Lingin progress
(Last update: 2018-09-19)
Test-oddformatEvidence MapMegan Brandain progress
(Last update: 2018-09-20)
Test_OctoberSystematic ReviewChristian Kohlin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-07)
TestEvidence MapOlwenn Martinin progress
(Last update: 2018-10-01)
TTSystematic Reviewausanee wanchaiin progress
(Last update: 2018-10-02)
HalleSystematic ReviewChristian Kohlin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-28)
test-dbEvidence Mapdee beein progress
(Last update: 2018-10-05)
Systematic Review of Risk Models for Bladder CancerSystematic ReviewHannah Harrisonin progress
(Last update: 2018-10-16)
TestEvidence MapErica Koopmansin progress
(Last update: 2018-10-05)
HeadacheSystematic ReviewHariprasad Esamin progress
(Last update: 2018-10-08)
AES testEvidence MapKo Konnoin progress
(Last update: 2018-10-08)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Donec quam felis, ultricies nec, pellentesque eu, pretium quis, sem. Nulla consequat massa quis enim. Donec pede justo, fringilla vel, aliquet nec, vulputate eget, arcu. In enim justo, rhoncus ut, imperdiet a, venenatis vitae, justo. Nullam dictum felis eu pede mollis pretium. Integer tincidunt. Cras dapibu Stefan Ungerin progress
(Last update: 2018-10-09)
reviewTeamMember Stefan Ungerin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-12)
$("#alertWarnCreateEvidenceSynthesis").text("Field with * are required"); $("#alertWarnCreateEvidenceSynthesis").fadeIn().delay(5000).fadeOut(); Stefan Ungerin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-14)
Acerca de los estudios sobre expresiones explicitas del factor de fricción en flujos turbulentosSystematic ReviewRafael Perezin progress
(Last update: 2018-10-13)
Test for Pain Scale SREvidence MapIvan Portilloin progress
(Last update: 2018-10-15)
RenalBladder Hannah Harrisonin progress
(Last update: 2018-10-16)
Glucocorticoids wynand alkemain progress
(Last update: 2018-10-19)
TestSystematic ReviewPaul Jeremin progress
(Last update: 2018-10-23)
Vive les pandas roux!Systematic ReviewMyelin Infoin progress
(Last update: 2018-10-26)
Test Meelis Seedrein progress
(Last update: 2018-10-29)
TestSystematic ReviewErica Koopmansin progress
(Last update: 2018-10-31)
What are the strategies that optimise tomato production under water- and nutrient stress?Evidence MapNora Quesadain progress
(Last update: 2018-12-03)
Extension services for agroecologySystematic ReviewGeoff Wellsin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-07)
NKB_testSystematic ReviewNavneet Baidwanin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-13)
test niels piepgrassin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-10)
The influence of the business model canvas on SMEs and start-up companiesSystematic ReviewNeil Byneveldtin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-10)
test  niels piepgrassin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-13)
Does artificial intelligence has an impact on the human future (Hat KI eine Auswrikung auf die menschliche Zukunft)Systematic ReviewStefan Ungerin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-19)
Lars test NEFUSSystematic ReviewLars Jakob Jensenin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-16)
chocolate benefitsEvidence MapEva Hessmanin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-16)
Chocolate reviewSystematic ReviewDorthe Sejersenin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-16)
Chocolate  Maria Schneiderin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-16)
HumTest_1Systematic ReviewRagnheiður Mósesdóttirin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-16)
test Stergios Tsiormpatzisin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-18)
Test 28.11Systematic ReviewChristian Kohlin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-28)
Test_28.11.18 Monika Suskevicsin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-28)
Liisas test synthesisSystematic ReviewLiisa Saikkonenin progress
(Last update: 2018-11-28)
Title_28.11.18Systematic ReviewChristian Kohlin progress
(Last update: 2018-12-10)
Farm safety education interventions for improving safety and health literacy among agricultural workers: A systematic reviewSystematic ReviewMadalina Comanin progress
(Last update: 2018-12-06)
A meta-epidemiological study to assess the influence of industry sponsorship in statin trials.  Jong-Wook Banin progress
(Last update: 2018-12-04)
A systematic review of risk factors for recurrent aphthous stomatitis César Riverain progress
(Last update: 2018-12-04)
TestSystematic ReviewRune Kin progress
(Last update: 2018-12-06)
Is personalised learning effective in a Higher Education (STEM) teaching and learning context?Systematic ReviewSheryl Maherin progress
(Last update: 2018-12-12)
Test_December2018Systematic ReviewChristian Kohlin progress
(Last update: 2018-12-10)