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This website allows you to test and familiarize yourself with the functionality of the provided evidence synthesis tool.
In order to allow for an efficient training, training material and a short introduction into the systematic review and evidence map concept can be accessed, click >>here<< and use the password CADIMA
Please be aware that all evidence synthesis established for training purposes will be automatically deleted 3 months after their generation. In case more time would be needed, please contact CADIMA Administration
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What is the impact of factor X on subject Y? Systematic ReviewChristian Kohlin progress
(Last update: 2018-04-16)
Test Textmining Dominik Modrzejewskiin progress
(Last update: 2017-12-06)
Test_2Systematic ReviewChristian Kohlin progress
(Last update: 2018-04-06)
Dummy Review Member7in progress
ssEvidence MapDominik Modrzejewskiin progress
(Last update: 2018-03-01)
TestSystematic ReviewTim Dohertyin progress
(Last update: 2017-11-27)
Ethics LMIC testEvidence MapRomiya Barryin progress
(Last update: 2017-11-27)
The impact of restorative justice in schools Yolanda Anyonin progress
(Last update: 2017-12-06)
test Olwenn Martinin progress
(Last update: 2017-12-12)
Epidemiology of Potentially Inappropriate Medications: Southern vs Central-Northern European Countries: a Systematic Review.Systematic ReviewPietro Nunnariin progress
(Last update: 2018-03-13)
What are the impacts of mixed forest stands on forest pathogens? Systematic ReviewElsa Fieldin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-13)
What are the impacts of mixed forest stands on forest pathogens? Systematic ReviewElsa Fieldin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-13)
What are the risk factors associated with premature myocardial infarction? A systematic reviewSystematic ReviewPatricia Ayalain progress
(Last update: 2018-02-16)
What evidence exists on the effectiveness on model A to predict B, C, and D?Evidence MapKristine Lund Björnåsin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-27)
Pre op UTI and PJISystematic ReviewAruna Poojaryin progress
(Last update: 2018-01-29)
Systematic Review: Technology-Based Passive Monitoring for Parkinson's DiseaseSystematic ReviewJulio Vegain progress
(Last update: 2018-01-31)
WHALEY Test SynthesisEvidence MapPaul Whaleyin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-20)
testSystematic ReviewIvan Lernerin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-06)
EaPCCsSystematic Reviewjaviera lenizin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-07)
How effective are Nature-based Solutions to climate change adaptation? Alexandre Chaussonin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-20)
What is the impact of technology enhanced visiting of hospitalized neonates?Systematic ReviewLee Jagodzinskiin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-08)
rad ineqSystematic ReviewRenata Francin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-12)
Testing CADIMASystematic ReviewShivam Khandelwalin progress
(Last update: 2018-03-12)
test Shivam Khandelwalin progress
(Last update: 2018-03-12)
test Shivam Khandelwalin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-11)
therapy of ulcerative colitisSystematic Reviewpaschalis paschosin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-11)
Impact of physical co-morbidity on the outcomes of cancer treatment in geriatric population Systematic ReviewPriyadarshini Rajamaniin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-14)
ISOS Course Test 2018Systematic Reviewtamar guy-haimin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-21)
Test_2018Systematic ReviewChristian Kohlin progress
(Last update: 2018-03-01)
ISOS meta analysisSystematic ReviewPingyang Liin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-21)
microbial diversitySystematic ReviewGuido Bonthond Bonthondin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-21)
Feeding shifts in omnivorous ectotherms in relation to temperature changeSystematic Reviewerez yeruhamin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-21)
What is the contribution of Mixos to the food web?Systematic ReviewJulia Grossein progress
(Last update: 2018-02-21)
Waste sites and residential property valuesSystematic ReviewMarvin Schüttin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-21)
Jellyfish polypsSystematic ReviewXu Chiin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-21)
Effect of Invasive seaweedsSystematic ReviewMahasweta Sahain progress
(Last update: 2018-02-21)
ISOS Course test 2018 Ola Nourin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-21)
Impact of parental condition and husbandry on susceptibility of early life stages of marine fish to simulated ocean acidifcationSystematic ReviewFelix Mittermayerin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-21)
NBS3 Alexandre Chaussonin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-23)
Test JS Systematic ReviewJoe Schofieldin progress
(Last update: 2018-02-26)
How is illicit hunting spatially distributed across different land tenure regimes in Sub-Saharan Africa? a systematic map protocolEvidence MapIsla Duporgein progress
(Last update: 2018-04-25)
Test SKSystematic ReviewSabine Kunrathin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-19)
Bone graftSystematic ReviewSK Chenin progress
(Last update: 2018-03-01)
Cadima Test SLRSystematic ReviewFelix Hummelin progress
(Last update: 2018-03-24)
Test duplicate Christian Kohlin progress
(Last update: 2018-03-21)
how video record contributes to the learning process of communication skills in medical educationSystematic ReviewDiego Brandaoin progress
(Last update: 2018-03-21)
Test duplicate_2 Christian Kohlin progress
(Last update: 2018-04-03)
CampylobacterSystematic ReviewSophia Sadiqin progress
(Last update: 2018-03-14)
ExampleasdasdaEvidence MapHaritz Medinain progress
(Last update: 2018-03-15)
tstSystematic Reviewmatumug@mailtrix.net matumug@mailtrix.netin progress
(Last update: 2018-03-20)
Teste ReviewEvidence Mapdont panicin progress
(Last update: 2018-03-23)
teste dont panicin progress
(Last update: 2018-03-23)
TEste REvisaoEvidence Mapdont panicin progress
(Last update: 2018-03-26)
The role of the literature review in the PhD dissertationEvidence MapGina Bayin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-29)
Scoping Review - Use virtual reality in the curricula Systematic Reviewamy knehansin progress
(Last update: 2018-04-03)
Efeito de probióticos no ganho de peso de frangos de corteSystematic ReviewVictor Rollin progress
(Last update: 2018-04-03)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxSystematic ReviewVictor Rollin progress
(Last update: 2018-04-04)
PruebaSystematic ReviewMiguel Díazin progress
(Last update: 2018-04-12)
Meta-review of digital services and communication platforms for residential customer engagement/interaction with the energy systemEvidence MapLosia Lagiszin progress
(Last update: 2018-04-23)
testrunSystematic ReviewBas Derksenin progress
(Last update: 2018-04-26)
AASystematic ReviewFieke Terstappenin progress
(Last update: 2018-04-28)
Nicotiana Tabacum and reduced nicotine content Dominik Modrzejewskiin progress
(Last update: 2018-05-28)
testSystematic ReviewMelissa Kahiliin progress
(Last update: 2018-05-15)
Technology needsSystematic ReviewJulian Hirtin progress
(Last update: 2018-05-13)
TestSystematic ReviewM Kin progress
(Last update: 2018-05-17)
Can ecosystem-based management decrease the impact of vector-borne and zoonotic infectious diseases on human health? A systematic review protocol (LYME)Systematic ReviewLudivine AMDOUNI-BOURSIERin progress
(Last update: 2018-05-17)
Testing for the task forceSystematic ReviewWing Fuin progress
(Last update: 2018-05-20)
Evaluation of optimization approaches applied to e-flow managementSystematic ReviewDiana Derepaskoin progress
(Last update: 2018-05-29)
Test 20Systematic ReviewNina Pin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-13)
Neuer TestSystematic ReviewNina Pin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-13)
Post-stroke Fatigue & Aphasia - TestSystematic ReviewEmily Hartin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-18)
UIC Sara Nevesin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-01)
test 2018_06_04Systematic ReviewStefan Ungerin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-20)
GamingEvidence MapSam Rannardin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-05)
Test CRSL team Nikki Mayin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-12)
Test CRSL teamSystematic ReviewNikki Mayin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-12)
Bti test reviewSystematic ReviewMagnus Landin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-14)
Selection processSystematic ReviewSabine Kunrathin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-19)
What are the peri-urbanisation impacts in the landscape character of Cavite?Evidence MapCathe Desiree Nadalin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-23)
Test of SR Tools Systematic ReviewStevie van der Mierdenin progress
(Last update: 2018-06-28)
Test SR ToolsSystematic ReviewStevie van der Mierdenin progress
(Last update: 2018-07-11)
p´übersetzen Maren Fischerin progress
(Last update: 2018-07-16)
MSc thesis  Alexandra Jagerin progress
(Last update: 2018-07-08)
Test_2018_JulySystematic ReviewChristian Kohlin progress
(Last update: 2018-07-11)
testando e comparando com StART-2018Systematic Reviewyanko costain progress
(Last update: 2018-07-16)